Dr. Logan was born in Oakville but moved to Lanark County at an early age. Her passion for animals has been life-long, having cared for a plethora of animals species under her roof. At a young age, Dr. Logan’s time was spent first volunteering then working in local veterinary clinics, where she could expand on her love of animals and her passion for their health and well-being.

Dr. Logan attended the University of Guelph, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science prior to being admitted to the OVC. After graduation in 2009, Dr. Logan returned to Lanark county where she joined the Perth Veterinary Clinic as an associate and became a partner in the practice 2016.

Dr. Logan works as a mixed practitioner and expertly splits her time between large and small animal appointments and surgery.

At home, Dr. Logan’s passion for animals is clear where she shares her home and barn with animals of all kinds, including horses, cattle, dogs, cats and any other creature in need of a caring home. After all the chores are done, Dr. Logan enjoys reading, horseback riding, hiking and sharing her passion for animals with her niece and nephew, who love their time spent at Aunt Sarah’s Farm.