Aislinn was born and raised in Perth and loves her hometown. She joined the Perth Veterinary Clinic team in 2014. Aislinn graduated from St. Lawrence college in 2011 with distinction and passed her Veterinary Technician National exam the same year.

The part that Aislinn loves most about her job is surgery and anaesthesia, particularly learning new protocols and practicing new, innovative techniques. She prioritizes animal care, ensuring your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Aislinn horse, Cerino, is her pride and joy. Along with Jase, her “house horse” Great Dane, Max, the fun-loving Golden Retriever, and her Angel cat Peaches, her pet family is a diverse one! All of these guys fill her life with happiness and she enjoys spending her time horseback riding and doing outdoor activities with her furbabies. She also enjoys playing ball and ice hockey and reading in her spare time.