Lori Clyne

Lori has adeptly managed the Perth and Westport clinic’s administrative services since 1993, dealing with the human resource and finance side of the business. Her skill with suppliers, staff, and clients (and their humans) keeps the Clinic purring like a happy kitten behind the scenes. With deep roots in the local community, her love of [...]

Gerri Norwood

Gerri joined the practice in February 2011. This job was and is the perfect fit for Gerri, with her combined passion for client relations and customer service along with her love of animals. Gerri is a graduate of the St. Lawrence College Human Resources & Customer Relations Program. With her husband and family, Gerri has [...]

Mary Ellen McLellan

Mary Ellen started out at the Perth Veterinary Clinic in the 90s when she had a high school co-op placement with the clinic. She worked as kennel staff for a few years after that and started full time as a Hospital Assistant in the early 2000s. She took some time away from 2010 to 2016 [...]

Brittany Quinn

Born and raised in the Perth area, Brittany grew up on Mississippi Lake. After being a hairdresser for 13 years, she decided to make a career change. With a lifelong passion for animals, becoming a member of the team at the Veterinary Clinic was an obvious choice. Brittany enjoys working and interacting with public. When [...]

Kahlan Bare

Kahlan is just getting started in the world, but she has worked with the public since she was 15. In that time she’s learned a thing or two about providing excellent service and has developed the ability to resolve customer issues while maintaining excellent relationships. She’s had a whole range of pets from bearded dragons [...]

Jensyn Plunkett

Jensyn recently graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Science. She grew up riding horses and spending time at her grandparent’s cattle farm. She and her family have been avid supporters of helping stray animals, and have fostered many orphaned kittens through the years - the most recent of which ended up being adopted [...]

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